Breast Reduction Questions to Ask Atlanta Breast Surgeons


breast-reductionEvery day you look in the mirror and see your image but you think that the body is out of shape. You realize that your breasts are too large and that is the reason that people at times stare at you.  This makes you uncomfortable and annoyed with the reaction you receive. There is a procedure you can consider, and ask Atlanta breast surgeons about it.

Female Breast Reduction Surgery:

This also goes by as the term “reduction mammoplasty” in which fat from the breast is reduced to trim the size of the breast. You can have the surgery for many reasons.


  • The physically large breasts can have a negative psychological impact on you. You can feel low self-esteem and confidence or people could even bully you for having breasts that are too big.
  • You can develop irritation and rash under the breast, which can cause discomfort and infection can occur. This can lead to more complications.
  • Many women undergo the surgery as a cure for breast cancer and it can reduce the risks of it advancing.
  • Pain in certain parts of the body like; shoulder, back, and neck can be the reason of having large breasts.
  • The size of the breasts can restrict you in doing jobs like bending down or picking up things.


Know the Procedure:

You need to know how the surgery works in order to have full insight. The surgeon will tell you what you need to know but it is up to you to decide what questions you should ask to have a detailed understanding of it.

Generally, the surgeon will administer anesthesia to sedate the patient so that she does not feel any pain during the surgery. Then an incision be either underneath the breast or around the areola, depending on the type of reduction. Then surplus tissue and fat removal takes place through liposuction and they adjust the nipples and close the incisions.

Queries of Surgery by Atlanta Breast Surgeons:

It is essential that you have a complete inquiry about the breast reduction surgery from the surgeons before having surgery. There are many important points that you must ask the surgeon to be satisfied. Several surgeons will have a long session of consultancy allowing you to interrogate about the procedure. Still, there are certain questions that are very essential to ask.

What is the Surgeon’s Qualification on Experience?

The very first question you need to ask is whether the surgeon is his or her years of experience in this field. It is vital that the surgeon should be a member of either American Society of Plastic Surgeons or the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and must have an experience of at least 10 years.

Can I See Pre or Post-Surgery Pictures?

You also need to see the pictures of the surgery, which include before and after ones. This is to see the results and you can decide in a better way. If the surgeon is genuine then he will show it to you otherwise if he responds negatively then immediately change the doctor.

Will Insurance Cover It?

If you have health insurance then it is a necessary question to ask because there are many clinics and surgeons that accept insurance but others totally reject it. You need to discuss this matter with the surgeon, as Crispin Plastic Surgery takes insurance depending on the plan you want for yourself.

What Type of Care Do I Have to Take?

Although you need to take, precautionary measures before all plastic surgeries, special care is necessary after surgery for breast reduction. Ask about it in detail to avoid any complication that may develop afterward.

Is the Process Risky?

You must know more about any risks or effects that you may experience after the surgery. This will help you in mentally preparing for the surgery. It will make you ready for any unaccepted results afterwards.

What Issues can occur?

Ask the surgeons about any post-surgery issues that may develop. The surgeon will tell you that you may lose sensation in the nipples or have difficulty in breastfeeding. At times, the breasts can be of different size but it is so minor that no one can feel it.

How long is the Recovery Time?

Every woman must know the recovery time, as you will not be able to do any extraordinary work in the meantime. It can give you time to plan on how you will spend and manage the recovery time.

Is Weight Loss necessary?

If your overall weight is too much then it is necessary to lose it as it will look inappropriate that your body size doesn’t match with the breasts. Nevertheless, for the women who have the correct weight, there is no need at all.

No one should undergo surgery unless you are sure and satisfied with the whole procedure. If you are quite sure of having a breast reduction surgery then you must have a full session with Atlanta breast surgeons to eliminate any doubts that you have.


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