magic bullet or ninja bullet

magic bullet or ninja bullet

A whole day with the workload, mental stress, frustration and so on, demands a refreshment that can boost your energy again and lift your mood as well. Smoothies are great choices in this case. A tasty and consistent smoothie mixture can provide you with essential nutrients and refresh your palate.

The quality of the beverage surely depends on the appliance. A bunch of varieties of blenders are manufactured nowadays. But bullet blenders are more preferable because they are more convenient, powerful and can save your time with speedy performance. They are compatible enough with our day to day fast-paced life.

What are Bullet Blenders?

Bullet blenders are unique in their design and performance. They are compact and smaller in size comparing to usual blenders that make them more convenient and easy to use. But do not get bewildered looking at their size, because they are both effective and immensely powerful.

Their design makes them look like bullets and they work in a bullet speed as well. They can even easily crush ice and other solid ingredients in a matter of seconds. Several bullet blenders are available in the market. The best among them is the Magic Bullet and The Ninja Bullet. Wondering which one to purchase? This comparison guide will certainly lead you to the answer of which one is best magic bullet or ninja bullet?

Magic Bullet:

This bullet blender is a combination of a bullet-like design and bullet speed. Its magical speed goes just right with the name. only a single model of bullet blenders in manufactured by them. The shape of the blender is not just for the outward purpose, it rather benefits the total performance of the blender by creating the perfect whirling motion to blend ingredients faster. You can blend, grind, crush ice, whip and mostly do everything with this blender. The features of this bullet include:

  • Cyclonic cutting zone
  • Food-grade stainless steel blade
  • 250-watts motor power
  • High torque power base
  • 18 Oz Party mug
  • Re-sealable Lip leads
  • Flip Top To-Go lids
  • 10-second recipe book

The design of the blender allows a great circulation of fruits and vegetables in it. The bottom of the blender is designed with Cyclonic cutting zone, this area allows forceful sucking of the ingredients towards the blades which gives effective cutting and crushing result and also a faster performance.

The blender comes with cross blades made of food-grade stainless steel material that makes them durable and strong enough to crush, chop and blend hard ingredients.

The motor power of this small appliance is 250 watts which turns it into a powerhouse, supplying enough power for effective performance. The motor power is comparatively low but it comes with a high torque power base that makes it just enough for the blending and other tasks.

The blender has an additional three cups. Among which, the 18 oz Party mug allows you to mix different food items. Making and serving of frozen smoothies can be done in the same jar.

The Flip Top To-Go lid fits over the cups and will let you store your favourite smoothie in them. The 10-second recipe book comes with loads of healthy beverage recipes that elevate your interest more.

Ninja Bullet:

The Ninja Bullet Blender has two most handy and powerful models – Nutri Ninja Pro BL450 and Nutri Ninja Pro BL455. appvalley

The Nutri Ninja Pro BL455 powerful bullet blender comes with exciting features like-

  • Stainless steel Pro- Extractor Blades
  • 1000 watts powerful motor
  • High torque base power
  • Three cups with three different capacities
  • Sip and Seal Lids
  • 75-recipe book

The unique Pro-Extractor blades are made of stainless steel material that helps to break the food ingredients to the maximum extent. It also extracts enough nutrients from the ingredients. The blades are strong enough to crush hard food substances as well. It is perfect for fine cutting, chopping and grinding.

The main attraction of this mini blender is the 1000 watts motor which assists it in giving a faster and more effective performance. The high torque motor enables it to crush and grind even the hardest ingredients in seconds.

The bullet blenders provide three cups with three different capacities. The capacity of the cups is 12-Oz, !8-Oz and maximum 24-Oz. The material of the cups is BPA plastic which makes them strong, long-lasting and dishwasher proof.

The cups can be turned to jars by the help of Sip and Seal lids and the smoothies can be stored in them or served by them.

The 75-recipe book gives you great ideas about making your desired beverage.

Comparing the price of these two, the ninja bullet is a bit more costly than the magic bullet.  Both the bullet blender comes with unique features and qualities. If you are looking for a more convenient bullet blunder in low budget then magic blender is your best option. But if you are not concerned about the price tag rather concerned more about power supply then go for the ninja bullet. You can give a read to the buyer’s guide in magic bullet vs ninja comparison for more information.  Choose which one is best magic bullet or ninja bullet according to your requirements.



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